is wisdom tooth removal a medical or dental issue?

Disclaimer Individual and family health and dental insurance plans are underwritten by Cigna health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC), Cigna healthcare of Arizona, Inc. In that case, you must make sure your health insurance will help you pay, or you could be left with a very large hospital bill. The processing of health insurance claims is not the same as dental claims, so work with someone who understands the process. Your dental or medical insurance may refuse to pay the claim, leaving you with the responsibility of covering that specific procedure.

General anaesthesia, administered by a licensed anaesthetist, may fall into the medical insurance category. Your health insurance and dental insurance claims are submitted with specific codes used to describe the service being provided. The pain should subside within a few days and can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. In addition, some insurance companies have different reimbursement rates for dental and medical procedures.

A wisdom tooth is removed to correct an actual problem or to prevent problems that may arise in the future. Your health insurance may cover the cost of surgery if it is deemed medically necessary, which is usually the case if the wisdom teeth are impacted or pose health problems. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth, the four permanent adult teeth located in the back corners of the mouth at the top and bottom. Find out more about the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, behavioural and voluntary benefits your company can offer you.

Wisdom tooth extractions and dental implants are usually only included in dental codes and accepted by dental insurance, not by a medical plan. The best way to find out if a specific procedure is covered by one of your plans is to work with a dentist or specialist (such as an oral surgeon) who has experience in filing medical claims. For example, if undergoing a medically necessary dental procedure requires a specific medical procedure or sedation, there may be supporting data that allows your health benefits to include a portion of the treatment (such as sedation, for example).

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