what are the advantages of providing free health care in hospitals?

A healthier society, the number of people who die for lack of treatment is drastically reduced. The cost of treatment is reduced because in a private healthcare system costs are substantially inflated. When governments provide healthcare, they strive to ensure that doctors and hospitals provide quality care at a reasonable cost. In this scenario, citizens can access some medical care without incurring many high costs in the process.

Basic healthcare should be free for everyone because it will save the lives of people who would not normally live, it has been shown by two sources to help curb the growth of healthcare costs, and providing free healthcare will also lead to providing insurance for people who do not already have it. There are several models of universal healthcare, and the system has many advantages and disadvantages compared to what most Americans are used to. This is because the main goal of a universal care system is to provide only basic and emergency care. When setting up a free health service, it is essential to consider what health care actually is.

Firstly, with the provision of free health services, the quality of health services is likely to be poor. Rather than making all healthcare and associated facilities free, it seems more realistic to make all healthcare provided by a doctor free. As another cost-saving measure, a universal care system may restrict access to certain procedures or medicines if the patient's chances of success are minimal. General welfare programmes work to improve care, prevent disease and avoid the complexities of illness.

Without strong management capacity, the high costs associated with providing universal care can quickly overwhelm the budget, reducing services in other areas. Where a universal healthcare system is in place, the general population may not treat their health as prudently as they would if the direct costs of their choices were their personal responsibility. According to the Minister of Health, Dr Neil Sharma, the ministry's main objective is to strengthen primary health care services in the country. It is clear, therefore, that offering a health service where patients pay for their treatment has its advantages and could offer a better experience for both the patient and the doctor.

In this sense, it can be argued that free health services offered by governments have great advantages for their citizens. This means that people could schedule an appointment for any reason or not take care of themselves as they probably should.

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