why should healthcare be free?

The poorest of the population would be able to access the care they need, undergo life-changing surgery and receive the medicines they need, without having to worry about a huge immediate impact on their finances. A free health service would therefore create a fairer and more equal society. Their healthcare system would probably look very much like the UK's National Health Service, where healthcare is paid for through taxes and is mostly free to patients. It could also be paid for through compulsory insurance where citizens cannot choose how much they spend on healthcare, but it depends on their income.

If the government takes over all medical bills, the problem of non-payment by patients disappears. Like the JayDoc clinic, mobile clinics act as health safety nets when traditional medical services are unavailable or unreachable. Hordern believes it is important how people view health and healthcare in the 21st century, and how they think about other national values. The sickest people consume half of the healthcare costs and the 50th and the healthiest people only consume 3 per cent of the cost.

In these countries, patients only pay for health care when they need it, although most take out some form of private insurance, in case they get sick. These families would be entitled to health care if they qualify for free health insurance, but only if they qualify. Due to colossal federal budget deficits, a universal health care system seems a distant dream. Paying for healthcare collectively means that individuals cannot choose how much to spend on healthcare versus other things, as paying for it is mandatory.

This illustrates the potential of transportable care clinics to avoid excessive and unnecessary health care.

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