will health insurance pay for a hot tub?

Your health insurance policy may cover the purchase price of a new spa if hot tub therapy has been prescribed by your doctor to treat a legitimate medical condition. If your plan is required to cover all essential health benefits, then part of this exclusion does not apply. But this is not the case if your health insurance plan specifically excludes the whirlpool tub from its coverage. Even if your hot tub is not covered by Medicare, it may still cover all the necessary bullying points so that you can claim it as a tax deduction.

While most people would not consider the question of whether or not hot tubs are covered by insurance, it is still a good question to ask. In addition to a prescription for spa hydrotherapy, all relevant medical documentation such as x-rays, MRIs or any other evidence validating the doctor's diagnosis must be present when submitting the insurance claim. With a prescription for these and other ailments, insurance companies will likely cover the purchase of a specialised medical hot tub for an individual. Regardless of whether Medicare can pay for your hot tub, if you have a prescription, you may be able to convert your hot tub to tax-deductible medical equipment.

This is not as convenient as getting reimbursement from your insurer, but it will help make the purchase more affordable in the long run. In theory, it is possible to get a prescription for a hot tub from a GP, but most GPs are not experts in hot tub-related treatments. If you organise hot tub parties or your family uses a hot tub, you could be in serious trouble if you are audited. However, before you take that step, you may want to evaluate the cost of a new policy and consider the many benefits of owning a hot tub.

If they believe that hot tub therapy is the right treatment for you, they will write you a prescription, just as they would for medication. If you and your doctor have discussed your ailment and your doctor prescribes a hot tub or whirlpool to alleviate that ailment, that prescription is totally legitimate. That said, some health insurance policies are very specific about excluding hot tub coverage from their policies. Hot tubs that are primarily for therapeutic benefits may be covered by your insurance company or they will reimburse you for the cost of such an item.

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